The Firm

We have been offering assistance and consulting services for over fifty years in Italy and abroad, in respect to civil, tax and corporate matters, with commitment, dedication and utmost professionalism.
We constantly invest in our resources and rely on qualified professionals, consultants and partners who collaborate with our office in a synergic and shared manner. We are careful and above all rigorous in pursuing the exclusive interests of our customers.
We only focus on the result!



Activity areas

We deal with litigations in civil, corporate and tax matters.
We offer assistance and consulting services with regards to law on successions, obligations and contracts.
We look after transactions, arbitrations, corporate liquidations, social security and labour, banking and insurance law.
We operate in Italy and abroad in the delicate internationalization process of enterprises that intend to expand their activity in cross-border markets.

We have always been offering assistance and consulting services in tax law.
We look after the interests of our customers in all relations with the Financial Administration and Revenue Agency.
Mediations, checks and inspections by the Finance Police, tax settlement proposals, appeals before Tax Commissions and the Supreme Court of Cassation, tax amnesties, criminal tax law.

We perform activities in all fields of the law of successions.
Benefit of inventory solvent estates administration procedures, conservatorship of estates in abeyance, claims of succession, tax liquidation and publication of wills.

We assist private subjects and companies in all fields of corporate and business law.
Articles of incorporation, extraordinary transactions, sale and lease of enterprises, transfer of shareholding, relations with banks and liquidations.

We offer consulting and assistance services in all fields of Civil law.
Buy and sales, donations, contracts, leases, transfers of credits and agreements, management and protection of credit, relations with banks and insurance law.

In collaboration with external professionals specialised on the subject, we perform activities related to all labour issues linked to merger transactions or transfers of companies or corporate branches and management of redundancy payments and layoffs within insolvency proceedings, also with regards to particular sectors (among which large-scale retail channel, real estate and building sectors, commerce and publishing).

We look after the entire internationalisation process of enterprises that intend to embrace foreign markets, offering them the necessary support during accrediting procedures in the Country of interest and consequent participation to tenders or direct contracts with Administrations or private companies. We collaborate in Joint venture with the most renowned consulting offices abroad, especially in Northern Africa. We offer consulting and assistance services in international law.